The AMELIORATE guide to foot care and no more cracked heels…

The AMELIORATE guide to foot care and no more cracked heels…

Feet can become obsessive for some people – whether it’s cracked heels, hard dead skin that seems to regrow after being pumiced away or simply wanting your feet to look pretty in the summer months, you need a foot care routine and products that will tick all your boxes to give you soft, smooth, moisturised feet!

Foot problems and cracked heels

The two most common foot care issues are due to pressure build up or moisture-loss and problems include cracked heels and hard dead skin.  There are many reasons why these may occur:

  • Standing for a long time which puts stress on your feet and heels.
  • Skin losing its elasticity and suppleness with age as well as losing its fatty padding so cracks and hard skin can appear more
  • Being overweight can increase the pressure on your feet and heels which can cause the fat pad to expand sideways. If the skin lacks flexibility it can lead to cracked heels
  • Spending too much time in water can weaken your skin’s natural protective barrier which can cause skin to dry and crack – chlorine can also further dry skin
  • Badly fitting shoes can rub and cause pressure points which create dry, thickened skin or cracked heels
  • If you wear flip-flops all the time the constant ‘smacking’ of the back of the flip-flop can dry out your skin and cause it to harden or crack
  • Feet that sweat a lot will have an increased amount of salt which causes moisture-loss and dry skin
  • Sometimes genetics is at play and it’s simply in your make up!

How to make your feet look and feel better

 As with many skin solutions, foot care is no difference – exfoliating, cleansing and moisturising is key!

The most common way to reduce the build-up of dry skin and improve cracked heels is to use a pumice stone or exfoliant and scrub!  Regularly exfoliating the dead skin will stop the build-up becoming problematic.  A little bit every day is much better than a mammoth session once a month!

The best time to exfoliate is during a bath, after a shower or if you have time to sit and soak your feet for 10 mins in warm water with a little product added. Exfoliate on warm, softened skin and the job is easier and less aggressive.

Once your feet are cleaned, exfoliated and dried thoroughly, use a foot moisturiser designed for the special skin on your feet.  The sole of your foot has sweat glands but no oil glands so the skin’s protective barrier needs to be looked after and enhanced.

Intensive Foot Treatment

AMELIORATE’s Intensive Foot Treatment contains specific active ingredients and moisturises to help keep your feet in perfect condition.

Urea and Lactic Acid:

  • Soften areas of thickened, hard, dry skin eg cracked heels
  • Encourage hard skin to loosen and shed dead cells
  • Progressively exfoliates the top layers of skin to reveal new skin underneath
  • Attract and hold moisture within the skin

Our unique LaH6 Skin Hydration Complex and a blend of Shea Butter, Glycerine and Jojoba Oil soften and enhance skin’s elasticity as well as intensely moisturising, while Farnesol deodorises.

AMELIORATE’S Intensive Foot Treatment should be massaged into the feet and cuticles and left on overnight, we encourage the use of cotton socks to amplify its moisturising potential. Reapply every morning if necessary and allow it to devour the hard, dead skin leaving only beautiful, soft, moisturised feet in its place

Our Intensive Foot Treatment is clinically proven, dermatologist approved and independently tested and is proven to moisturise for up to 12 hours.

We hope these tips help keep your toes in perfect condition – we’ve included our Independent Test Results below so you can see how other people responded to our Intensive Foot Treatment.

Kate Cowan

Kate Cowan

Writer and expert