Summer Skin: Our Three Step System

Summer Skin: Our Three Step System

July is such a lovely month: summer proms, weddings, summer balls, no more exams, end of school and the beginning of the holidays for those lucky enough to still get a month or two off!

Even for those of us working, getting away for a weekend by the coast or a week away somewhere gives a break from normality, a change of scenery and some fresh air!

Summer sun usually means summer clothes: strappy tops, shorts, summer dresses. The freedom of leaving jeans in the wardrobe and socks and tights in the drawers – relax and air those limbs!
At AMELIORATE we know that for those of you with KP / chicken skin, revealing legs and arms is a stressful affair. Rough, bumpy chicken skin can make many self-conscious and unwilling to take off their long sleeve tee-shirt and stick with a maxi dress.

Our 3-Step-System might just be the answer to Summer Skin!

Exfoliate + Cleanse + Transform

Three times the moisture, a double dose of Alpha Hydroxy Therapy in addition to Omega Oils and biodegradable Bamboo granules. 92% of users in our independent research said it made their skin softer after just 3 days.

This month we have introduced our new Travel pack, priced at just £19.50, which saves £3.50 on individual prices.

We know that Keratosis Pilaris or chicken skin is not a condition which will go away, ongoing treatment is the answer. So make sure you have your travel pack when you’re off for a weekend or longer break to maintain your super-smooth skin.

Your skincare has absolutely changed my life. I have(had) quite bad KP on the backs of my arms and thighs since I was a teenager. Since using your products the difference in my skin has been amazing. The body polish and lotion in particular are just incredible. You’re doing such an amazing job, it’s life changing. So thank you for being you! I’ve been blown away!

Try the system, see if it works for you and then let us know!



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