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Products For Ingrown Hair

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Inflamed, itchy, red bumps that appear on the skin are usually the result of ingrown hairs. These can be caused by hair removal and a build-up of dry skin and are often founds in areas that have been shaved. They form when a hair follicle is unable to get past a clogged or blocked pore, forcing it to curl back in. Ameliorate's award-winning LaH6 formula helps to gently exfoliate, removing the dead skin cells that block pores on the surface layer of the skin. Our ingrown hair products contain the solutions to deeply hydrate the skin and stop pores from becoming clogged, therefore preventing ingrown hairs.
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Why Ameliorate Products For Ingrown Hair?

Ameliorate's ingrown hair products have been designed to tackle the common skin concern that comes alongside shaving and hair removal. The unique, science-based formula used in these products works to exfoliate and hydrate the skin, preventing hairs from becoming trapped into the skin's surface.