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Intensive Skin Treatment

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Ameliorate's intensive skin treatment solutions have been expertly formulated to hydrate and replenish the skin on a deeper level. Each product within this collection prevents moisture loss, holds hydration within the skin and encourages cell turnover, to rejuvenate, protect and deeply moisturise. Whether you are looking to revitalise the skin on your hands, feet, or all over the body, there is a solution within this range to target your skin needs. The 5-in-1 ground-breaking formulation exfoliates, renews, softens, moisturises and protects. Apply a layer and allow the treatment to work while you sleep to awake to skin that is plumped with hydration and nourishment.
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Why Ameliorate Intensive Skin Treatments?

Ameliorate's intensive skin treatments have been made with potent, science-based formulas so that they are clinically proven to maintain moisture levels for 24 hours. Enhanced levels of Lactic Acid exfoliate dry and damaged skin cells while encouraging cell turnover to leave the skin feeling smoother. Additionally, the unique LaH6 Skin Hydration Complex works to hydrate and nourish, holding protective properties that lock in moisture.