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Body Blemish Treatments

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Body blemishes can be caused by an excess of oil, sweat, and a build-up of dead skin cells. Discover Ameliorate's clarifying products for body blemishes, designed to transform the appearance of skin with innovative formulas that hydrate and exfoliate. From our clarifying facial wash to our clay body wash, within this range are the dermatologist-approved, clinically proven solutions for clean, smooth, and refreshed skin all over. Each product works to deeply cleanse the skin, removing the build-up that causes body blemishes to appear while helping to lock in moisture. These expert-loved products help to prevent the formation of body blemishes, clarify, and purify to limit future breakouts.
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Why Ameliorate Blemish Treatments For Body?

Ameliorate's science-led products for body blemishes are made with clinically proven, dermatologist-approved formulas. They are designed to help unblock pores, remove excess oil and prevent future breakouts of body blemishes in the hard-to-reach areas and are formulated with 6 breakout fighting ingredients and Ameliorate's hero ingredient, Lactic Acid.