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Skin Targeted Treatments

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Skin targeted treatments are designed to resurface and hydrate specific areas and concerns such as dry, chapped hands and rough, cracked feet. Discover Ameliorate's body skin treatments, such as our hand, feet and Intensive Skin Therapy for targeted hydration. Intensive Skin Therapy is a non-petroleum based multi-purpose balm that provides a barrier to prevent moisture loss and helps to care for rough, dry patches of skin. Whether you are looking to soothe and treat your hands, feet, or any other specific area of the body, the formulas within each of these products have been dermatologist-approved and specifically designed to provide the solution for supple, soft skin.
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Why Ameliorate Skin Targeted Treatments?

Ameliorate's range of skin targeted treatments has been carefully designed with science-led formulas to resurface and hydrate specific areas of the body. Made with ground-breaking combinations of ingredients, these products go beyond everyday skincare to help provide solutions to your specific areas and concerns.