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Our mission is 'Softer, smoother healthier-looking skin for everybody'. Each of our products within our Body Skincare System are designed and proven to do this.

Designed for people with the skin condition, Keratosis Pilaris, the unique combination of ingredients within each product also hydrates very dry skin, prevents ingrown hairs and makes normal skin amazingly soft and smooth.

From our unique Transforming Body Lotion to our gentle Exfoliating Body Mitt, our products can be used together or individually but all of our skincare system will help you have smoother, softer healthier-looking skin.


Annette, motivated by her own struggle with Keratosis Pilaris, spent years looking for a product that would get rid of her dry, bumpy ‘chicken skin’.

“When my own children developed the same skin condition, I decided enough was enough. I had dreamt of products that were not only effective, but a pleasure to use for far too long… If I couldn’t find them, I would have to make them myself!”

Hand in hand with a leading UK Skincare manufacturer who shared Annette’s passion for creating a KP solution, they created AMELIORATE – the UK’s first dermatological skincare brand, proven to help rough, dry, bumpy skin.

“Nothing makes me happier than hearing customer’s feedback – some of whom say AMELIORATE has changed their lives, not just their skin.”

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