Frequently Asked Questions

Are Ameliorate products tested on animals?

No. Animal testing of cosmetics is now illegal in Europe and has been for some time. Ingredients designed for cosmetics use only also come under this ban so thankfully this horrible practice is becoming a thing of the past. All the testing performed on AMELIORATE products (and we did a lot!) were performed on people both for safety and efficacy.

Are Ameliorate products suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

All of our products are suitable for vegetarians but not vegan, as our products contain milk protein.

What is the shelf life of AMELIORATE products?

By law, cosmetic products must be fit for a minimum of three years from manufacture unless otherwise stated. AMELIORATE products have been fully tested to comply with this regulation. We have suggested the product be used within 12 months of opening and this is indicated in the 'open jar' symbol.

Do you use parabens in AMELIORATE products?

No. We do not preserve AMELIORATE products with parabens. Despite some negative press about paraben based preservatives no studies have yet been performed that show parabens to be unsafe. In fact parabens are increasingly being recognised by experts as the safest and most effective cosmetic preservatives available but we do understand that some people still have concerns so we have used alternative preservatives.

Can AMELIORATE Body Lotion be used during pregnancy?

Yes. AMELIORATE Body Lotion has undergone a full independent safety assessment and is considered safe to use during pregnancy.

Can I use AMELIORATE Body Lotion on my face?

AMELIORATE Body Lotion has undergone a full independent safety assessment and is considered safe for facial use.

I have a nut allergy, can I use AMELIORATE products?

AMELIORATE Body Lotion contains Sweet Almond Oil. Almond Oil does not contain the proteins that cause concern for allergy sufferers. However, if you have a severe nut allergy we advise you take medical advice before using any product that contains a nut derived ingredient. AMELIORATE Shower Cream contains no nut derived ingredients.

Why do you recommend using a sunscreen after using AMELIORATE Body Lotion?

Dermatologists recommend using sunscreens whenever you expose your skin to the sun. The way AMELIORATE Body Lotion works means your skin may be a little more sensitive to the sun so remember to be sun safe.

I suffer from eczema, can I use AMELIORATE Body Lotion?

No, we wouldn’t recommend it. Eczema is a medical condition and should be treated as adviced from a doctor/medical practitioner. We would advice seeking medical advice before using Ameliorate products.

Is it possible to over exfoliate by using too much AMELIORATE Body Lotion?

No, Lactic Acid is a weak acid and will only have an exfoliation effect on the outer layer of the skin, the Stratum Corneum. It will help with the removal of the dead skin cells and speed up the natural shedding process but it will not affect healthy, living skin cells. Any excess Lactic Acid will just help improve the moisturising properties.

I am lactose intolerant, can I use AMELIORATE products?

People who are lactose intolerant will not have any ill effects from using AMELIORATE products. Lactose is a large sugar molecule that normally breaks down during digestion to smaller, digestable sugars Glucose and Galactone. Although chemically related, Lactic Acid and Lactates as used in AMELIORATE are not sugars and do not perform similar functions in the body so topical application will definitely be no problem for lactose intolerant individuals.

I have psoriasis, can I use Ameliorate products?

Psoriasis is a medical condition and should be treated as advised by your doctor. We would advise seeking medical advice before using Ameliorate products.