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Skin Hydrating Complex - For Scalp

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Discover our nourishing range for scalp hydration, formulated to treat dry, dehydrated scalps with the power of gentle exfoliation and moisture. Our science-based, effective solutions that make up our scalp care range have been endorsed by an expert Trichologist with over 20 years of experience in the industry. From scalp serums to every day clarifying shampoos, you can establish your own start-to-finish scalp hydration routine that nourishes the skin underneath our hair that we often forget about. With lactic acid to encourage the natural exfoliation process combined with the unique LaH6 hydration complex, your scalp will be left feeling relieved, hydrated, and healthy. What is LaH6?
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Why Ameliorate Skin Hydrating Complex For Scalp?

Ameliorate's scalp hydration products have been designed with science-led formulas to provide the solution for dry, dehydrated skin under the hair. Endorsed by a Trichologist and clinically proven to improve the condition of the scalp with hydration, within this range is all you need for a start-to-finish scalp care routine.