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Facial Masks

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Facial masks are the perfect way to give your skin an extra boost of nourishing ingredients to restore and revive the complexion. Ameliorate's range of facial masks consists of one, overnight mask with hydrating properties, and another to brighten a tired, dull complexion in up to 10 minutes. Made with two unique formulas, our resurfacing mask is supercharged with a high-performance blend of concentrated AHAs and PHAs that work alongside probiotic technology to promote skin cell renewal. Meanwhile, the restorative facial mask boasts an expert multi-use formula charged with Ceramide Therapy to help enhance your skin's natural moisture barrier, so you wake up with healthier-looking skin that is plump with moisture.
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Why Ameliorate Facial Masks?

Ameliorate's facial masks are the perfect way to nourish your skin with an extra boost of powerhouse ingredients. Whether you have dull skin that requires an extra dose of brightening or dehydrated skin craving an overnight layer of intense hydration, choose a facial mask to treat your skin to the attention it deserves.