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How I Got Rid Of The Bumps On My Upper Arms | Testimonial

We recently spoke to Gillian MacMaster, one of our loyal and dedicated customers about how our transformative therapies helped get rid of the bumps on her upper arms and boost her skin confidence…

Gillian MacMaster, 28, is a Social Media and Community Specialist who used to suffer with Keratosis Pilaris bumps on her upper arms. 

Image of Gillian and Transforming Body Lotion Warm Amyris

Image Credit: Gillian’s Instagram Page @fortheglow_

I First Heard About Ameliorate From…

A friend! I was moaning about the ‘red bumps’ on my upper arms and she mentioned Ameliorate. I went home that night and ordered some products! I had been to the doctors many times and been prescribed horrible creams, none of which worked, so I wasn’t expecting anything different but I was willing to try anything and everything.

I Was Concerned About My Skin Because…

It really affected my confidence, which would mean hiding my arms in Summer and not feeling like I could wear sleeveless tops or dresses when going out. I would look at my friends lovely soft and smooth skin and want that. It was always a relief in winter when I could hide the bumps on my upper arms under jumpers.

Gillian before and after using Ameliorate

Left: Before using Ameliorate. Right: After using Ameliorate.

Ameliorate Has Transformed The Keratosis Pilaris Bumps On My Upper Arms By…

Massively improving the texture, the redness, the dryness, everything about them! The bumps on my upper arms are nearly gone. There are a few stubborn areas, but I know with some more time and continued use Ameliorate will sort it out!

My Favourite Ameliorate Product Is…

Transforming Body Lotion. This was the first product I bought, and have continued to. Following this the Smoothing Body Exfoliator, which has not only helped with small bumps my upper arms, but also ingrown hairs and bumps on my legs. I also love the Nourishing Body Wash, it’s so gentle on my skin. I could go on!

Gillian's favourite Ameliorate products that helped transform the bumps on her upper arms.

Image Credit: Gillian’s Instagram Page @fortheglow_

I’m A Fan Of Ameliorate Because…

It does actually work! After years of trying so many products, my search is over! Seeing the little bumps on my upper arms almost clear of Keratosis Pilaris has been a massive boost of self confidence. I also just love using the products, as I know they are effective and kind to my skin. They have also helped with other issues like ingrown hairs and dry skin.

Being Confident In My Skin Means…

Getting my arms out! Well, this has definitely helped towards being confident in my own skin, but it has also taught me to accept my weaknesses and know my own self worth. I think being confident in my own skin is a process, which I’m continuing to work on!

To find out more about Gillian and her transformative skincare journey, follow her on Instagram @fortheglow.

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