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Clinically proven to significantly improve the appearance of a dry, flaky and red scalps in 7 days**

You may know to Ameliorate for our transformative results for rough, dry, chapped and bumpy skin through our highly effective bodycare products, formulated by expert scientists with our unique LaH6 Hydration Complex.

AMELIORATE’s overall mission is to liberate the skin confidence of everyone who uses our products, through delivering transformative results for the most pressing skincare troubles. From now onwards, this is no longer limited to body and skin care…

We know many of you suffer from a flaky scalp, which is often accompanied by discomfort such as itchiness, tight sensations and redness. As well as impacting the overall hair appearance, this can also can cause lots of discomfort. We aim to help you tackle the causes head-on, so that you can feel your most confident with healthier-looking, smooth hair and scalp.

Utilising our pioneering smooth skin science technology, AMELIORATE has created a Scalp Care System which simultaneously improves the appearance of dry, itchy and flaky scalps whilst providing an instant feeling of comfort and relief through intense nourishment and moisture.

Clinically proven results

The NEW Scalp Care system is Clinically Proven, Dermatologically Tested and Trichologist Approved.

Our Scalp Care formulations are powered our unique LaH6 Hydration Complex, synergistically combined with Alpha Hydroxy Therapy for its exfoliation properties, nourishing Omega Oil Therapy plus a powerful combination of hydrating and skin-soothing actives. These expertly developed technologies cleverly work to gently resurface the uppermost layers of your scalp whilst providing intense moisture, nourishment and improving the feeling of comfort and appearance of dry, itchy and flaky scalps. What’s more, hair is left smooth and looking full of health and vibrancy.

The new range includes a Clarifying Shampoo, Smoothing Conditioner, Transforming Scalp Serum and a Clarifying Scalp Exfoliant. We have also created a regime kit with generous travel sizes so that you can try the complete regime and experience the full benefits of the combined system, this includes the exclusive addition of the Soothing Scalp Essence in 50ml.

Want to know more about Ameliorate Scalp Care?

Read on to discover the benefits of our NEW Ameliorate Scalp Care.


Clarifying Shampoo gently cleanses, protects and replenishes natural moisture in the hair and relieves a flaky, itchy, dry scalp. Prebiotics, Lactitol and Xylitol combined with our unique LaH6 Skin Hydration Complex soothe and gently clear up flakes on a dry scalp whilst conditioning actives help maintain hair’s volume and shine. This mild, pH-balanced shampoo is proven to cleanse and nourish hair. Used regularly, it will help to replenish and rebalance the scalp’s natural protective barrier.
The scalp is left feeling more comfortable, with softer, smoother, healthier-looking hair.

How to use: Apply to wet hair and massage into a lather. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and follow with AMELIORATE Smoothing Conditioner. Suitable for everyday use.


Smoothing Conditioner rebalances, conditions and smooths the surface of the hair shaft without weighing it down. Starflower, Camelina and Oat Oil, rich sources of Omega Fatty Acids, combined with our unique LaH6 Skin Hydration Complex, nourish and condition the hair, minimising combing discomfort on a sensitive scalp. Used regularly, this rich, replenishing and creamy, pH-balanced conditioner leaves the hair looking healthy, shiny and feeling nourished.

How to use: After using AMELIORATE Clarifying Shampoo, smooth onto clean, wet hair, applying to the lengths. Leave for 2-3 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Suitable for everyday use.


Transforming Scalp Serum resurfaces the uppermost layers of the scalp, whilst providing intense moisture and comfort. Lactic Acid encourages the scalp’s natural exfoliation process gently softening surface dead skin cells and debris. Our unique LaH6 Skin Hydration Complex and a nourishing blend of Oat Oil, Frankincense extract, Celery Seed Oil and minerals help improve the appearance of the scalp and replenish hydration to enhance the moisture barrier. This lightweight, fragrance-free serum provides instant relief and comfort to the scalp and progressively leaves the scalp feeling soft and smooth, with condition visibly improved.

How to use: Apply the product 3 times a week directly onto DRY scalp. Massage gently and leave overnight. Wash in the morning with AMELIORATE Clarifying Scalp Exfoliant and Clarifying Shampoo.


Clarifying Scalp Exfoliant gently exfoliates and cleanses, reducing the appearance of a flaky, itchy, dry scalp. Optimum levels of Lactic Acid, a naturally occurring Alpha Hydroxy Acid, encourage the scalp’s natural exfoliation process, gently removing dead skin cells. Together with our unique LaH6 Skin Hydration Complex, this non-abrasive exfoliating scrub leaves the scalp feeling conditioned, whilst respecting its natural pH balance. This fragrance-free scrub delivers instant relief and comfort to the scalp, progressively refining and improving its texture and condition. The scalp is left feeling more comfortable, instantly relieved, conditioned and healthier-looking.

How to use: Apply directly onto the scalp and gently massage. Leave on the scalp for a few minutes before rinsing off. Follow with AMELIORATE Clarifying Shampoo and Smoothing Conditioner.

Ameliorate Soothing Scalp Essence, 50ml, Exclusively available in Regime Kit

Soothing Scalp Essence provides instant moisture to soothe and relieve a flaky, itchy, dry scalp. Oat and Frankincense Extracts, combined with our unique LaH6 Skin Hydration Complex, are designed to rebalance and increase moisture in the hair and scalp. This water-based, lightweight, fragrance-free essence is proven to comfort and soothe dry, flaky scalp providing instant relief. Used regularly, this daily hydrator will help maintain optimum scalp health whilst improving hair texture and condition. The scalp is left feeling more comfortable, with softer, smoother and healthier-looking hair.

How to use: Hair should be clean and damp. Remove excess moisture from hair. Divide hair in sections, spraying Essence directly on to the root and scalp area. Comb through the hair, dry and style as usual.

The essence is exclusively available in the 5 Step Scalp Care System for £45.

In addition, Ameliorate has created a five-step system which includes travel sizes of the full range as well as a Soothing Scalp Essence ‐ an ultra‐fine non‐greasy spray that can be applied throughout day to instantly relieve discomfort and condition the scalp.

How does it work?

Scalp problems often begin as an imbalance in the natural shedding process of skin cells on the scalp. The Ameliorate serum has been formulated to tackle this imbalance with a three-pronged attack. Firstly and most importantly we have used an optimum level of lactic acid to help gently remove build-up of dead skin cells. This can often lead to scalp problems and in some cases lead to speeding up the scalps cell production which in turn leads to more build-up. It’s a cycle that we need to break in order to tackle the end results which are usually itching and flaking.

The Ameliorate LaH6 Hydration Complex, also contained in the formula, then helps to moisturise the scalp while frankincense extract and celery seed oil help to soothe and calm, maintaining a balanced environment optimum for hair growth.

What are the proven results?

  1. 97% agreed the condition and appearance of their scalp was improved*
  2. 100% agreed their hair and scalp looked healthier*
  3. 100% agreed their hair and scalp felt moisturised & deeply nourished*
  4. 98% agreed scalp instantly felt more comfortable, using the scalp serum*
  5. 97% agreed the shampoo & conditioner did not weigh down their hair and was left feeling softer*


Ameliorate Clarifying Shampoo, Smoothing Conditioner, Transforming Scalp Serum, Clarifying Scalp Exfoliant and Haircare System Kit will be available from 29th November 2019 from Full availability from 15th January 2020

*Tested on 32 people with a dry, flaky, red scalp used in conjunction with AMELIORATE scalp care routine (Conditioner, Scalp Serum, Exfoliant and Essence) in an independent clinical trial
**Tested on 60 people with a dry, flaky, red scalp used in conjunction with AMELIORATE’s scalp care routine (Conditioner, Scalp Serum, Exfoliant and Essence ) in an independent consumer trial

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