Discover the AMELIORIATE 5-in-1 Intensive Hand Treatment

AMELIORATE’S expert team of scientists have developed a new Intensive Hand Treatment

The ground-breaking formulation is so hands-on it promises to go above-and-beyond all others. You could say it gives the Perfect High-Five thanks to its unique ability to exfoliate, renew, soften and protect.

All of this in one hand cream?  Yes, but why is it so different from others and does so much more?

Our scientists thought carefully about what hands need beyond simple moisturisation. By studying the physiology of the skin, they knew an AMELIORATE hand cream would have to:

  • Look after the unique skin on both the palm as well as the back of the hands
  • Lower the skin’s ph to protect the natural acidity that guards our hand’s skin
  • Provide a combination of moisturisers able to replenish the hand skin’s naturally compromised ability to bind moisture to itself

Clinically proven, dermatologist approved and independently tested the AMELIORATE Intensive Hand Treatment exfoliates rough, dry, skin, stimulates the renewal of healthy, younger skin cells, strengthens fragile skin, softens and deeply moisturises the unique skin on the palm and back of the hand, provides instant protection plus long-term relief to dry, rough, chapped hands and hard cuticles.


It is packed with Actives and AHA’s.

The same powerful Alpha Hydroxy Therapy used in our cult Transforming Body Lotion, namely Lactic Acid, used for its exfoliating and moisturising properties as well as its ability to lower the skins pH and improve the skin’s ability to protect itself.

Our unique LaH6 Skin Hydration complex, proven to moisturise for up to 12 hours.

Actives including Oat Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Shea Butter all proven to replenish the palm and the back of the hand skin’s natural oils.

Barley Extract, a unique ingredient with skin soothing and softening qualities. The Barley Extract we use is highly concentrated and has a history in the brewing industry – when workers were elbow deep in barley mash they had the softest hands for miles around!

Our Intensive Hand Treatment should be massaged into the hands and cuticles and left on overnight, after which use at least twice daily. As it is a hand treatment, not an everyday lotion, it can leave a little residue which if left, will continue to condition hands, but for anyone who needs their hands to be precise and not at all slippy, it’s worth wiping with a tissue!

Designed for those with very dry hands, dehydrated, rough, chapped skin and hard cuticles.

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