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Dry skin

Is there a magic formula to repair dry skin?

Is there a magic formula to repair dry skin?
Robert Minshull
Writer and expert6 years ago
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There are many positive things you can do to help your very dry skin from dehydrating in the winter, eg. drink plenty of water, don’t use soap, avoid hot baths and steaming showers. At AMELIORATE we can help you keep your skin beautifully moisturised by sharing our skincare expertise.

How do I manage dry skin?

We call it the magic formula – two things to look for in products to stop your skin drying out!

  • Barriers: the top layer of your skin has a fine oil-based layer which acts to protect your skin and stops water evaporating.  If this barrier is healthy, nourished and working, water will be held within your skin’s middle layers.
  • Oils are great for enhancing your skin’s natural barrier - Sweet Almond Oil, Omega Oils or Oat Oil are great, also ingredients like Urea are excellent barriers.  For normal or dry skin, light barrier ingredients are enough, but with extremely dry skin you might need a heavy duty barrier like Shea or Cocoa butter. A little-known ingredient, Squalane, is one of our dry skin secrets, it not only restores the skin’s natural oils but also improves elasticity and suppleness – brilliant for very dry skin!
  • Humectants: these are really clever active ingredients found in some moisturisers that attract and keep moisture within the skin. Lactic Acid and Glycerine are excellent humectants. Sorbitol is another one which is naturally found in berries, cherries, other fruit and even seaweed. It helps to condition skin and also attracts water to the skin and keeps it there.

Without the skincare scientists at AMELIORATE, I couldn’t write this blog.  Their knowledge, expertise and experience is phenomenal so we were all so excited when our new product Transforming Body Cream was announced!

Designed for both Keratosis Pilaris and extremely dry skin, they have packed inactive ingredients to smooth KP and hydrate very dry skin. The independent test results speak for themselves:

  • 96% agreed their skin was left intensely moisturised*
  • 98% agreed their skin felt smoother and softer*

And it’s clinically proven to moisturise for up to 12 hours!

Active ingredients include optimal levels of Lactic Acid, our famous LaH6 Skin Hydration Complex, Omega Oils, Shea and Cocoa Butter and our secret weapon, Squalane!  Absolutely packed with both barriers and humectants and Lactic Acid to smooth the KP bumps!

For those with extremely dry skin, slather it on and watch your skin visibly improve.  Say goodbye to scaly skin, tight skin, grey skin – you have beautiful, healthy, conditioned skin to look forward to!

For those with KP, give it time and use it daily and replace those bumps with soft, smooth, moisturised skin.

For me – I can’t applaud it enough.  I love all the AMELIORATE products, the gentle, caring fragrance, the beautiful softness of my skin the morning after I apply the lotion or cream, the instant moisturisation of the body wash.  But I’m spoilt – this is my job!  But do try it for yourself and then please write a review – we are confident this is the answer to your dry skin problems!

*Tested on a panel of 56 people with rough, dry, bumpy 'chicken skin' (Keratosis Pilaris) in a 4-week independent consumer trial

Robert Minshull
Writer and expert
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