Holiday secrets for perfect summer skin

Holiday secrets for perfect summer skin

For those of you with travel plans afoot, we thought we’d share the AMELIORATE team’s holiday secrets for perfect summer skin…


“Well, as most of you know, I have Keratosis Pilaris, so when I go away, I cannot be without my AMELIORATE!  For holidays, I take the Exfoliating Body Mitt as it is light and easy to pack, I always use it on dry skin before washing with the Nourishing Body Wash – this kick starts the exfoliation process and gives my skin a moisture boost before slathering on my ‘can’t be without’ Transforming Body Lotion which leaves my arms and legs smooth, moisturised and ready for sun screen if we’re somewhere hot.


“I am a Transforming Body Lotion with a Hint of Colour addict –my skin can be dry and I used to be prone to ingrown hairs on my legs – this leaves me super soft and moisturised with just enough colour to feel fab in a sundress or cami top.  It works brilliantly on the ingrown hairs too and since I’ve been using it, they’ve disappeared.”


“I like my feet to look good during the summer as I’m generally in flip flops or sandals.  I haven’t the time to get a regular pedicure, so firstly use the Smoothing Exfoliant on my feet, then I fill a large bowl with warm water and soak my feet for a while and finally I rub in some Transforming Body Lotion.  I usually do this when I’m watching a film at home on a Sunday night – my feet always look fabulous in the morning after a night of TBL!”

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