A Guide To The New Illuminating Glow Transforming Body Lotion

Maintain a sunkissed, healthy radiance all year round with our new limited edition Illuminating Glow Transforming Body Lotion for the ultimate in skin confidence…

Our award-winning Transforming Body Lotion has been given a summer makeover with the launch of Illuminating Glow. Charged with the same award-winning formula with added micro pearl particles, this innovative body care essential offers exfoliation, hydration, and illumination in one bottle. Read on to discover more about Illuminating Glow and why it’s the perfect product to add to your summer body care regime.

illuminating glow transforming body lotion

A New Texture


If you love our original Transforming Body Lotion but you’re looking to give your skin that post-holiday radiance too, Illuminating Glow Transforming Body Lotion is your answer. An entirely new texture and tone for Ameliorate, this tinted body moisturiser gives all skin types a deeper, sunkissed appearance and a natural shine to your skin. Simply sweep over your body for an instant healthy-looking glow – it’s that simple to use. This rapid radiance is powered by illuminating micro pearl particles to highlight your skin to perfection and give you the best glow of your life.

illuminating glow ameliorate

A New Fragrance


A brand new scent for Ameliorate, Illuminating Glow’s fruity and floral fragrance will have you dreaming of summertime somewhere hot and exotic. Top notes are infused with a fresh and fruity concoction of Sparkling Lemon, Orange Cocktail, and Apricot Sorbet, layered with sweeter middle notes of Coconut Oil, Jasmine, and Lotus. The base notes create some added depth with a blend of Sandalwood Cream and White Musk. A first in Ameliorate’s history, this wonderfully rich and decadent fragrance will linger on your body all day long so your skin smells just as good as it looks.

illuminating glow lotion

The Same Formula


Boasting the same formula created by our skincare scientists as the original and iconic Transforming Body Lotion, expect the same transformative results with added radiance. Supercharged with optimum levels of Lactic Acid, a naturally occurring AHA, this limited edition lotion will exfoliate and renew surface skin cells whilst drawing moisture into the skin. Ideal for treating Keratosis Pilaris and very dry skin, Illuminating Glow is formulated with our LaH6 Skin Hydration Complex to powerfully replenish and increase moisture levels in the skin for 24 hours. Unlike some tanning lotions that leave your skin dry, this dermatologically-proven formula is multi-action in its approach, keeping your skin super hydrated and smooth as it highlights. It is also packed with Sweet Almond Oil to help protect your skin and enhance its natural moisture barrier.

illuminating glow tinted moisturiser

Proven Results for the Illuminating Glow Transforming Body Lotion

✓ Clinically proven to significantly increase moisture levels in the skin for up to 24 hours ​
✓ Improved the appearance of rough, dry, bumpy ‘chicken skin’*​
✓ Improved the appearance of ingrown hairs**​
✓ Softer, smoother, healthier-looking skin​
✓ 87% agreed that the appearance of their skin had improved and felt softer and smoother*​

*Tested on 77 people with rough, dry, bumpy ‘chicken skin’ in a 4 week independent consumer trial​
**Tested on 60 people with ingrown hairs in a 2 week independent consumer trial

Our Recommended Summer Glow Routine

For the perfect healthy-looking radiance, use the Exfoliating Body Mitt on dry skin before jumping into the shower. Smooth the Nourishing Body Wash over your body in the shower until a thick lather appears. Once you’re done, pat your skin dry. Apply the Illuminating Glow Transforming Body Lotion all over your body and wash your hands afterward.

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