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Five Steps For Smoother Skin This Summer

Five Steps For Smoother Skin This Summer

As we approach the summer months it’s the time of year when you’re going to want to catch a glowing tan or take off some layers to cope with the rising temperatures. However, for people with rough, bumpy skin the thought of showcasing your skin can be a little daunting.

Whether you’re taking a dip in Budapest’s Szechenyi Spa Baths, kayaking in Lagos or simply wanting to wear a vest top on your morning jogs at AMELIORATE we believe everyone should feel confident in their skin, which is why we’ve created an easy five step guide so you can achieve smoother skin this summer.

Our 5 steps that’ll leave your skin smooth for the summer:

1. Exercise

Whether you’re cycling in the Lake District or paddle boarding along the California Coastline exercise is a sure-fire way to step up your heart rate, in turn boosting blood-flow to the skin. This increased blood flow means that more free radicals and cell debris can be flushed away essentially cleansing your skin from the inside.

2. Exfoliate

For people with Keratosis Pilaris the raised bumps on their arms aren’t caused from oil and bacteria-filled pores but a build-up of protein. Simply scrubbing and picking these bumps away isn’t going to leave you with the smoother skin. Instead by using the AMELIORATE Smoothing Body Exfoliant 2-3 times a week the biodegradable bamboo granules and Alpha Hydroxy Therapy will work to resurface rough, bumpy textured skin.

3. Moisturise

Once you’ve exfoliated your skin it’s important to ensure your skin remains hydrated. The AMELIORATE Transforming Body Lotion not only contains a unique LaH6 Skin Hydration Complex that smooths away rough bumps, but it’s also clinically proven to leave skin intensely moisturised for 24 hours leaving rough skin and Keratosis Pilaris both looking and feeling amazingly soft and smooth.

4. Oily Fish

Now that your skin is smoother you’ll want to ensure it remains soft and glowing. If you’re not far from the Coast sinking your teeth into a plate of freshly caught mackerel packed with Vitamin A and Omega-3’s is a sure path to skin health. Whilst Vitamin A promotes cell renewal Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids reduce inflammation and boost oil production to keep skin hydrated in the warmer temperatures. Alternatively, if you’re not a seafood fan or prefer a vegetarian diet then walnuts and avocado make great substitutes so that your skin still gets its essential Omegas!

Fun Fact: The AMELIORATE Nourishing Body Wash is also home to natural Omega Oils from Starflower and Camelina and acts as a buffer, balancing the pH of your skin.

5. UV Protection

Even if you don’t plan on being out in the sun for long, short term UV exposure can still lead to sun damaged skin and the last thing you’ll want on your holiday is blistered and peeling skin. Not only does sunburn increase your risk of skin cancer it’s also a recipe for sleepless nights and skin insecurity. So if you’re out in the sun remember to top up on the cream, especially if you’re using products that contain Alpha Hydroxy Acids that increase your skin’s sensitivity to the sun.

And our bonus tip?

Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and embrace a renewed sense of confidence with your smoother, Summer-ready skin!

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