Why our Transforming Body Lotion is the best moisturiser for dry skin…

Why our Transforming Body Lotion is the best moisturiser for dry skin…

Finding the best moisturiser for dry skin can be hard as a lot are loaded with fragrance and other preservatives, which can irritate delicate skin types. If you have Keratosis Pilaris or dry skin, you might find it gets worse in the colder weather with central heating or air conditioning, as these can both cause moisture loss.

The AMELIORATE Transforming Body Lotion is formulated with a blend of clinically-proven ingredients that work in synergy with your skin to deliver amazing results. What’s more is that the results now last for 24 hours in keeping the skin hydrated. Amazed? So are we; read on to discover more…

Why is the AMELIORATE Transforming Lotion the best moisturiser for dry skin?

A few months back we set a challenge for the Transforming Body Lotion – how long could it moisturise for? Previously we had tested up to 12 hours, but now we were upping the limit to 24.

We’re delighted to share that it passed! So, for anyone with skin that is affected by seasonal changes and cold weather, there is a 24‐hour solution. Apply Transforming Body Lotion once a day, and be done until the next morning.

A winter bodycare routine

For some, this is just not enough, and they want to indulge in a full bodycare routine when the weather turns colder.

To start, apply the AMELIORATE Smoothing Body Exfoliant all over the body. Formulated with bio‐degradable bamboo granules and lactic acid, it helps to smooth and replenish dehydrated skin.

Pour a capful of the AMELIORATE Soothing Bath Milk Oil into warm water (not too hot as this can irritate already dehydrated skin). The formula is both soap‐free and pH‐balanced; perfect for anyone suffering with dry skin or Keratosis Pilaris. Plus, it’s proven to moisturise for up to 8 hours after bathing.

However, you choose to look after your skin throughout the colder months, stay moisturised and protect your skin from the drying effects of central heating with AMELIORATE.

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