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At Ameliorate, we believe in sharing the truth behind skincare that works. It’s our mission to free your skin confidence as you make progress with your skin concerns, but don’t take our word for it! We sat down with beauty-guru Nadine Baggott to reveal her Ameliorate review and share her expert advice on her go-to body care routine.

Who is Nadine Baggott?

I have been a journalist since leaving university and have specialised in health and beauty for over thirty years. The combination of art and science fascinates me and there is always so much to learn, discover and tell my readers, viewers, and followers about. I started work at Living Magazine before going to Marie Claire and The Daily Mail. I have also been the beauty presenter on This Morning for twenty years. I have worked for Hello Magazine and right now I am a contributor to The Times Magazine, as well as creating regular videos on YouTube and Instagram. I guess I am known for my no-nonsense attitude to beauty and I champion science-led products that give results. 

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Tell us your Ameliorate review, and be honest!

I have been a huge fan of Ameliorate since it first launched years ago. As soon as I saw the science behind it, I had to try it. My skin loves lactic acid and, despite never having suffered from keratosis pilaris (bumpy red chicken skin), my dry, ageing skin really benefits from the original Transforming Body Lotion. I have shared my honest Ameliorate review and recommended the original product to so many friends, two TV presenter friends of mine who both have KP and are now huge fans too, and friends with dryer skin that need more than a traditional body lotion can ever deliver. Nothing comes close, it’s brilliant.  

Lactic acid is also my favourite resurfacing acid. I know other acids are fashionable but lactic works so well because it is found naturally in the skin as part of the natural moisturising factor. So, I find it a lot less irritating than say glycolic acid. It also hydrates as it exfoliates (the sweet almond oil in Ameliorate helps with that too). I think it works for all skin types, all ages and on men and women, even teenagers. I have recommended it to friends and followers whose children have KP and yes, it is safe for them too. 

When Ameliorate asked me to be their Ambassador I jumped at the chance, not only to speak about a brand I love but to educate people on the new products that have been developed since the original iconic best-selling body lotion. 

What are Your Top Three Ameliorate Products?

My top three favourite all-time Ameliorate products are:

  1. The original Transforming Body Lotion– I even love the smell, but also loved the limited edition woody/oud scent, please bring it back!
  2. The Replenishing Facial Cream– because my skin is dryer and can be dull, grey, and pallid at this time of year. Again, I find the lactic acid is gentle enough to never irritate but strong enough to get to work overnight to really exfoliate my skin, get rid of dead skin cells, and give a gorgeous glow. I also find it hydrating so it plumps fine lines too.
  3. The Transforming Body Lotion Illuminating Glow– to give a flattering, instant golden, glowy, soft tan effect skin, especially in summer or at this time of year when you go out for the night without tights in the party season.

Oh, and can I choose one more? The new Clarity Body Spray is brilliant for back and body breakouts pre-party season too. This has lactic acid combined with salicylic acid to clean out pores and lots of calming soothing algae extracts to reduce inflammation and redness. 

Finally, Describe Ameliorate in 3 Words

If I had to choose three words to describe Ameliorate it would be effective, affordable, and transformative. I truly have recommended Ameliorate to so many friends and no other product gets better feedback, I promise you it really delivers results.

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