The Best Skincare Routine for Men: Skincare Tips for Men

When it comes to skincare, there’s plenty advice out there for the perfect routine. From reducing signs of aging to exfoliating away dullness, it’s rare to find a skin concern without a step-by-step solution to it. Having said this, most of these helpful tips and tricks are aimed at women, leaving men slightly confused, overwhelmed, and missing out on the essential benefits of what could be, the best skincare routine for men. Have you ever walked into a shop, ready to try something new, only to be bombarded with far too many products and ingredients you’ve never heard of? It’s a daunting experience, and we don’t blame you if you decided instead to simply replace the empty bottle of your all-in-one trusty moisturiser.

Fear not, we’ve simplified the process for you. Here’s Ameliorate’s guide to the best skincare routine for men.

What men’s skincare products should be in your routine?

Firstly, let’s take a look at the five men’s skincare products that should be in every man’s routine.

How do you clean your face in the mornings and evenings? If the answer is with a splash of water or worse, with soap or baby wipes, then you need to purchase a cleanser, immediately. Cleansing your face is important to control excess oil and remove dirt that accumulates throughout the day. You may think you’re accomplishing this using a bar of soap or baby wipes, but they will also strip away your skin’s natural oils and throw off your skin’s pH balance. In short, they can result in dry skin, redness and even premature aging.

Following that, we have toners. If you have concerns about those tiny black holes on the sides of your nose or chin, toners are one of the underrated men’s skincare products that can be your instant solution. The right toner can refine pores and sweep away those dry, dead skin cells that often fills them.

Next, there are serums. Applying a serum is a step that sits firmly in the best skincare routine for men. A few drops of a serum can transform the skin. This is because serums are a thin liquid so get to work deep past the skin’s surface. They usually contain a high-dose of active ingredients designed to target and resolve your skin concerns.

After your serum, apply your moisturiser. Moisturisers provide instant hydration to your skin’s surface and can also help to blur visible skin imperfections​ and calm the skin, reducing any redness.

Finally, there is SPF- both the women’s and men’s skincare product that can’t be stressed enough.

Although these men’s skincare products are five staples that should be in every routine, the best skincare for men is personalised to your skin type. You may need a few extra steps or specific products. So let’s take a look at two of the main ones that we have: oily skin and sensitive skin.

Men’s skincare routine for oily skin

Men’s skincare routine for oily skin requires ingredients that combats the concerns that come with excess greasiness on the face. These are: a shiny face throughout the day, an extra bundle of blemishes, and blocked pores.

Step One: To begin, cleanse morning and evening with a Clarifying Facial Cleanser that works to mattify shine, remove excess oil, and decongest for clearer, smoother, healthier-looking skin.

Step Two: Soak a cotton pad with the Resurfacing Facial Toner and sweep over the face and neck to refine the appearance of pores and freshen up the skin.

Step Three: Squeeze two pumps of the Transforming Clarity Facial Serum onto the face to soothe the skin and brighten the look of any dullness and remove excess oil.

Step Four: Moisturise with the Balancing Facial Moisturiser to zap hydration back into the skin whilst blurring the appearance of any blemishes, redness and giving the skin a shine-free finish.

Step Five: As the final step of a man’s skincare routine for oily skin, always SPF.

Best men’s skincare for sensitive skin

The best men’s skincare tip for sensitive skin is to steer clear of physical scrubs. These will only irritate your skin further and lead to redness.

As Ameliorate’s products are all made with soothing, gentle yet effective ingredients, men’s skincare for sensitive skin does not differ hugely to that for oily skin. However, we would recommend to cleanse with the mild Resurfacing Facial Cleanser that’s specifically designed for sensitive skin and pat the face dry with a gentle washcloth.

How to get clear skin for men

Of course, there are plenty of other factors that have an impact on your skin’s health. From sun exposure to lifestyle habits such as smoking and drinking, clear skin for men requires a holistic approach. Having said that, knowing the best skincare routine for men will certainly help. From clearing blocked pores to preventing the appearance of premature aging, now is the time to start putting effort into your skin.

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