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Trichologist-approved and formulated to transform, exfoliate and deeply hydrate your hairline.

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Trichologist-Approved Scalp Care

The Ameliorate Scalp Care range is packed with powerful, exfoliating and conditioning ingredients fused with our unique LaH6 Skin Hydration Complex to provide ultimate relief, comfort and care for a dry, sensitive scalp. Incorporate our dry scalp treatments regularly into your hair care routine to leave your scalp feeling deeply nourished, intensely hydrated and free of any flaking for a hairline that feels soothed and clarified and hair that looks full of vitality. This transformative scalp care range has been approved by an expert trichologist; boasting over 20 years experience in the industry, she is also a longstanding member of The Institute Of Trichologists.

*Tested on 32 people with a dry, flaky, red scalp used in conjunction with AMELIORATE scalp care routine (Conditioner, Scalp Serum, Exfoliant and Essence) in an independent clinical trial
**Tested on 60 people with a dry, flaky, red scalp used in conjunction with AMELIORATE's scalp care routine (Conditioner, Scalp Serum, Exfoliant and Essence ) in an independent consumer trial


· Gently exfoliates a flaky texture

· Intensely hydrates and improves scalp's moisture levels

· Soothes and relieves itchiness

· Instantly comforts

· Deeply nourishes and conditions hair strands

· Leaves hair and scalp softer, smoother and healthier-looking


· 97% agreed the condition of their scalp improved after 7 days of use**

· 100% agreed their hair and scalp looked healthier**

· 100% agreed their hair and scalp felt moisturised & deeply nourished**

· 98% agreed scalp instantly felt more comfortable, using the scalp serum**

· 97% agreed the shampoo & conditioner did not weigh down their hair and was left feeling softer**

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The perfect routine that is clinically proven to significantly improve the appearance of a dry, flaky and red scalp in just 7 days*.

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