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5 Steps For Successfully Treating A Dry Scalp

5 Steps For Successfully Treating A Dry Scalp

If your scalp is dry, taught and flaky, follow some (or all) of this five-step guide to successfully transform your hairline back to full health…

Treating a dry scalp: Prep

1. Transforming Scalp Serum

Start your scalp repair routine in the evening with the Transforming Scalp Serum to gently exfoliate and deeply hydrate. Simply part your hair and squeeze the serum along the hairline using the narrow nozzle and then massage the treatment into the scalp. Repeat this process until your whole scalp has been soaked in the serum. Charged with our iconic LaH6 Skin Hydration Complex, this treatment will intensely moisturise your scalp overnight whilst also breaking down dead skin cells to improve any flaking and dandruff.

2. Clarifying Scalp Exfoliant

In the morning, rinse away the Transforming Scalp Serum and apply the Clarifying Scalp Exfoliant for a rapid, intense dose of hydration and to further enhance the natural exfoliation process of your scalp. If you’re suffering from itchiness, this scalp exfoliant will soothe and calm any irritated areas on your hairline. Supercharged with our Alpha Hydroxy Therapy packed with Lactic acid, simply smooth onto the hairline, massage, and leave for a few minutes to let the exfoliation process take place before hopping into the shower.

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Treating a dry scalp: Wash

3. Clarifying Shampoo

Pour a small amount of the Clarifying Shampoo into your palm and begin massaging into your hair and scalp until a thick lather appears. Formulated with Prebiotics, Lactitol, and Xylitol, this shampoo aids to wash any flakes away to leave you with a super clean and clear hairline. Conditioning actives will also help to maintain volume and shine in your hair

4. Smoothing Conditioner

After rinsing your hair thoroughly, sleek the Smoothing Conditioner onto the lengths of your hair and leave on for a few minutes to let the formula fully soak in. Charged with our Omega Oil Therapy, a blend of Starflower Oil and Camelina Oil, this conditioner will lock in moisture and deeply condition the hair shaft for shinier, healthier-looking hair.

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Treating a dry scalp: Style

5. New Soothing Scalp Essence

Once you’ve towel-dried your hair, divide it into sections and spray the new Soothing Scalp Essence onto the root and scalp area for a final dose of hydration and an enhanced soothing sensation. This new scalp moisturiser is charged with Oat and Frankincense Extract to improve the texture of your scalp as well as our Alpha Hydroxy Therapy to gently exfoliate. Once you’ve finished applying the essence, comb through your hair and simply dry and style as you would in your usual routine for a healthier, hydrated, and nourished scalp.

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