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How did AMELIORIATE become the brand it is today?

How did AMELIORIATE become the brand it is today?
Robert Minshull
Writer and expert7 years ago
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The joy of the summer is time. Time out of work. Time to ponder and plan. Time to give your head space and remember what it was that you really want to do and that got lost in the everyday mundanity. So now it’s back to reality, it’s important to write down those plans and moments of inspiration...

‘I’m going to start a pottery class, ‘I’m going to start my business’ ‘I’m going to make sure we go away for more weekends...with friends, without friends, to European cities, kayaking, start yoga…’ etc!  Whatever your moments were, make sure you acknowledge them, in the cold light of reality, and then think about when and how you’re going to make them happen.

Take one step at a time...

A big plan, broken down into small chunks is more likely to get done.  Each bit has its own reward, its own moment of achievement and once started, you’re more likely to continue.  Remember that balmy August beach walk and the moment when you thought that this really would be the year to do a half marathon. Imagine your total joy and amazement with yourself as you manage to run for 30 minutes, then 50 minutes and then you cross the finish line! What an achievement, what a result!  Well done you!

Imagine if Annette (our founder) had not followed up her initial thought of ‘I need to find a solution to my keratosis pilaris. What if she had just carried on exfoliating roughly with a loofah and applying prescribed greasy emollients that felt horrid, smelt even worse and did nothing for her bumpy skin. A moment of inspiration, broken down into bite size pieces and Transforming Body Lotion is the result. And with Annette’s moment, we can all reap the rewards!  Soft, smooth skin for everyone and no more Keratosis Pilaris for 40% of the UK population – that’s quite a moment!

Thank you...

So this blog is about saying ‘thank you’ to Annette for persisting with your lightbulb moment and to remind all of you to give yourself permission to come back to reality and follow your plan, to give in to your moment of summer inspiration and take it a step at a time.

Take this opportunity to set yourself a challenge that might be self-indulgent, that doesn’t ‘need to be done’ but will allow you to learn, grow, focus and take some time out to achieve something, just for you!

Good luck!

Robert Minshull
Writer and expert
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