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A Summer Skincare Routine With Ameliorate

A Summer Skincare Routine With Ameliorate
Lucia Llano
Writer and expert6 years ago
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Looking for the perfect summer skincare routine? Dry skin is an issue all year round and we want you to feel confident in your skin in any weather. Discover our dermatologist approved products, designed to leave your skin confidence bikini season ready! So, while the sun is still shining, let’s look on the bright side!

This blog is for those of us who want perfect summer skin, sandal-happy feet and tanned, moisturised skin! It’s not complicated – our 3-step body-care system – CleanseExfoliateTransform – will give you perfect skin in no time and with our Intensive Foot Treatment you’ll get beautiful toes!

Ameliorate's Summer Skincare

Our Smooth Skin Hero's Bundle offers you everything you need for super smooth, nourished skin. When you wake up your skin will be beautifully moisturised, softer and smoother.

Step 1: Exfoliate

Soften the skin with either the Mitt or the Exfoliant every few days – use on dry skin and leave the exfoliant on for a few minutes so the Lactic Acid can start working.
Top Tip!

Use the Foot Treatment every day for at least a week pre-holiday. Try it with our exfoliant or mitt to zap moisture back into the skin and help clear the feet of any hard areas, dryness, and cracks in the skin. Foot Therapy helps to target these tricky areas and provide a smooth, soft base for the feet.

The unique LaH6 Skin Hydration Complex is a combination of further exfoliating AHAs, moisture-binding humectants and protective emollients to tackle dry, dehydrated, dull skin. This combined with a blend of Shea Butter, Glycerine and Jojoba Oil works to soften and enhance the skin’s elasticity while intensely moisturising.

Step 2: Cleanse

Then cleanse after a day in the sun, to wash off the chlorine or sea water with our Nourishing Body Wash – a pH-balanced, non-drying cleanser with an indulgent, thick texture that lathers well. Clinically proven to leave skin moisturised for up to 8 hours. Tight, sun-kissed skin will love you for it.

Step 3: Transform

Finally, apply a deeply-hydrating moisturiser straight after you’ve patted yourself dry to boost the moisture levels in your skin. Our award-winning Transforming Body Lotion is charged with our LaH6 Skin Hydration complex, so allow the increased dose of Lactic Acid to encourage exfoliation, remove dead surface skin cells and stimulate the renewal of healthy new skin cells. The ingredients will moisturise for up to 24 hours, leaving your skin softer, smoother and healthier looking.

Key note – use Sun-screen:  This is not just your normal, use sunscreen comment, but all products with Lactic Acid remove the top layer of dead skin cells. This leaves skin beautifully soft and smooth but also without their usual natural sun protection. We recommend Factor 30 but you know your skin better than us, if you’re very pale, you might need Factor 50.

Even if it is sunny and warm at home, still use sun-screen. Your skin still needs protection from the sun’s harmful rays!

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Lucia Llano
Writer and expert
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