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How to Treat Dry Lips

At this time of year, who hasn’t experienced sore or dry lips? Whether you’re sitting in an overly heated office, off to the slopes or just braving the cold as part of the daily grind, lips are the one part of the body that needs a little extra protection.

But why is this and why are we constantly having to layer up the lip balm? Unlike the rest of our skin, lips have a unique structure with no protective hair, sweat glands or melanin. So with only a thin physical barrier and no protective secretion to keep them smooth and hydrated, lips can easily become tight and dry. Factor in daily exposures like central heating, air conditioning and extreme weather and you can quickly end up with red, flaky, sore and – in extreme cases – even painfully cracked lips.

Get rid of dry lips…for good

If you’ve been searching in vain for the best lip balm 2019 has to offer, AMELIORATE has the answer. Using advanced skincare expertise to create a powerful formula that provides long-term relief to very dry, chapped lips, AMELIORATE Intensive Lip Treatment will leave lips feeling fabulous.

Renowned for its scientific approach to skincare and products that smooth the skin’s appearance, AMELIORATE is dedicated to providing skincare solutions that give real results and the Intensive Lip Treatment is no exception. So what makes it stand out as the best lip balm for irritated lips?

Active Ingredients

Packed full of more than 20 active ingredients including phyto-milk, black caraway oil, sesame oil, shea butters and aloe vera juice, this expert formulation works to provide a creamy layer of protection, helping to prevent water loss and skin flaking. Soothing omega-rich oat lipid extract, cucumber oil – high in both oleic and linoleic acid – and exclusive LaH6 Skin Hydration Complex, also work together to improve elasticity, restore moisture, soothe, smooth and condition.

Restore your lips to their optimum, beautiful best

As with all AMELIORATE products, the Intensive Lip Treatment is clinically proven, dermatologist approved and independently tested on 106 people with very dry, cracked and chapped lips – including 30 winter sports enthusiasts! 86% said their lips felt healthier after just one use, 89% said their lips felt nourished and cared for and 88% said their lips felt moisturised.

Results that speak for themselves? We think so. Banish dry lips for good and discover beautiful looking, moisturised and soothed lips now.

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