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Abigail James

We recently spoke to skincare expert, author and aesthetician Abigail James to talk all things beauty, body care and how she keeps herself fit and healthy.

Read on to discover more about Abigail James’ morning and evening routine, her love of yoga and her passion for body oils.

So sit back, relax and let Abigail James inspire you with her words of skincare wisdom…

The First Thing I Do When I Wake Up Is… 

Take a few minutes to check in with how I am feeling mentally and physically, then let the dog out and put the kettle on for a cup of red-bush tea.  

The Last Thing I Do Before I Go To Sleep Is… 

My evening skincare routine, camomile tea, spritz pillow with sleep spray, take a magnesium and ashwagandha supplement, switch off all phone notifications, lights and sounds.  

Abigail James

My Weekly Body Care Routine Is… 

I shower or bath in the evening, I don’t like using products in the bath water other than Epsom salts, In the shower I always use a body wash or an oil if I want something a little more nourishing. I generally avoid things that are highly fragranced unless its aromatherapy based, Aromatherapy Associates oils are just beautiful. I love body washes which are kinder to the skin like the Ameliorate Nourishing Body Wash.

I body brush weekly, if Im being honest its probably once or twice a week even though I know I should do it daily. I do scrub all over once a week, its great for your skin, boosts blood flow, and excuse to massage yourself and if you choose the right product its like a mini trip to the spa. I love ESPA Relaxing Salt Scrub. 

My Favourite Ameliorate Product Is…

The new Transforming Facial Serum, firstly the impact on your skin you can really see. The first night I used it, I did a double take when I looked at my skin in the morning, it looked smoother and fresher, not many products have an instant impact, but this does. The scent is delicate and soft so its also a pleasure to use.  

The Thing I Love Most About My Body Is…

I think it changes as we age, it used to be my stomach and biceps, but they are not quite what they used to be! Now its my décolleté and shoulders. I have quite broad shoulders and bone structure for my 5ft 2 frame.  

I Keep My Body Fit And Healthy By… 

Im active daily. I make sure I walk at least 8000 steps as a bare minimum. I try to work-out 2 – 3 times a week, that might be spinning, HITT or yoga. I did my yoga teacher training a few years ago, I don’t practice daily but I do throw some yoga shapes on a regular basis and practice breathing techniques. I love to get outside and walk in the countryside which we do some weekends. Nutrition is important, I gave up caffeine last year which has been a game changer for my IBD, I eat a lot of vegetables, nuts, seeds, proteins, I never purchase fast foods or much processed, lots of hearty soups and stewsI have a big appetite, so Im not shy with food, home cooked and good quality. I also take daily supplements.   

Abigail James

My Worst Body Care Habit Is… 

Not shaving my legs! My hair is very fine, so I can go months without shaving then find the long hairs catching the light.  

My Biggest Body Care Indulge Is… 

Body oils, I LOVE them. I spent years as a holistic massage therapist in spas, so body oils are part of my DNA. I like to be generous when applying them, I often massage them in while my skin is still wet straight from the shower.  

My last body treatment was… A visit to my osteopath. I try to have regular massage treatments, I see an osteopath or a massage therapist once every 4-6 weeks. Im hypermobile so prone to aches and pains and this helps me keep on top of things and because Im trained is many forms of body massage I know the benefits go way beyond the physical.  


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