Introducing the LaB6 Range- Tackling Blemishes, Oily Skin and Blocked Pores

With our iconic, award-winning Transforming Body Lotion, we are proud to have helped thousands of men and women globally who struggle with dry skin, Keratosis Pilaris, and ingrown hairs. However, we hear you loud and clear – it’s time to talk about blemishes.

Whether it troubles your teenage years or appears later in life, blemished skin can often impact our emotional wellbeing. The process of finding a solution can often feel overwhelming, like a battle against the breakouts! We’re here to dismantle those blemish blues today and provide you with solutions that truly deliver and free your skin confidence! 

First up – let’s recap on blemishes 

Blemished skin is skin that has any type of mark, spot, discolouration, or imperfection. Acne is the most common form of blemished skin. This includes pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads. The 3 main causes of blemished skin are clogged pores, bacterial multiplication, and sebum production. 

When levels of hormones in the blood rise, the sebaceous glands produce excess oil. At the same time, dead skin cells that are not shed properly build up and congest follicles, blocking your pores. The combination of these processes leads to a build-up of oil and results in blemishes.​  This can happen to all of us! Blemishes and breakouts are usually triggered by lifestyle, hormones, genetics, and even stress. 

If you’re prone to blemished skin on the facial area, chances are that it affects your body too. Body blemishes such as ‘back-ne’ can also be caused by confined clothing where friction, trapped bacteria, and lack of oxygen aggravate these symptoms and spread an outbreak. 

In the same way that imperfections don’t have a single cause, they don’t have a single solution. The multitude of causes and potential solutions can leave you feeling stressed out, which only serves to make matters worse. ​Our new, unique LaB6 Skin Clearing Complex uses a combination of blemish-fighting active ingredients in a multi-action approach to combat the three major culprits of blemish-prone skin.  

blemished face with spot treatment


So, what exactly is the new LaB6 range and who is it for? 

We understand that the relentless pursuit for clear skin can be debilitating and know the huge emotional impact of trying to find relief from skin concerns. It’s what we’re here for, and pros at.  

So, if you struggle with blemishes, imperfections, oily skin, blocked pores, or post-inflammation hyperpigmentation, meet our new formula: LaB6 Skin Clearing Complex. 

The formula contains scientific, blemish fighting active ingredients to deliver proven results in a simple routine for the face and body, at a reasonable price. This new range will target existing breakouts, and prevent future ones, with a mood-lifting fragrance.

Let’s break this down a little… In a nutshell, LaB6 stands for: 

La: Lactic Acid – the hero ingredient in all our formulas because of its transformative power  

B: Blemish Skin Clearing Complex 

6: Six active ingredients:  

  • White Willow Bark 
  • Noni Cell Culture 
  • Marine Complex: Ecklonia, Chinese Moss, Huiki Seaweed, Velvet Horn Seaweed 

blemish moisturiser being applied to face

Targeting blemishes and breakouts, our high-performance, dermatological blemish formulas for face and body harness this NEW LaB6 Skin Clearing Complex. Our advanced active ingredients work hard to mattify shine, balance excess oil, decongest and tighten pores, relieve the appearance of redness and address persistent colour marks. Our clinically proven formulas have been designed by our in-house experts to leave the skin feeling calm, clear, more even, and healthy-looking. It’s a complete range, giving you a clear skin routine that is simple and easy to follow for transformative results. 

In a nutshell, we’re committed to helping every adult and teen struggling with blemishes, imperfections, oily skin, and blocked pores. We want you to feel confident, relieved, and proud of the skin you’re in.  


Now let’s get to the fun part: What new products do we have for you and what are their benefits? 

Specifically created to tackle the appearance of blemishes, these new skin confidence solutions are powered by our unique LaB6 Skin Clearing Complex, which is infused into each and every one of our products within this range… 


AMELIORATE Clarifying Clay Body Wash: The first step in your daily body care routine for blemish-prone skin is this perfect post-exercise purifier to remove sweat, impurities, and debris. This refreshing blue wash clears and clarifies without stripping the skin of the essential moisture it needs to stay healthy and protected.  In addition to our powerful LaB6 Skin Clearing Complex, the mild yet effective clay formula features a combination of purifying clay, gentle soap-free cleansing, and hydrating actives to soothe the skin. Boosted with a feel-good fragrance, collectively these ingredients deeply cleanse the pores and sweep away dead skin cells to leave the skin clarified, mattified, and feeling instantly cool and calm. ​Apply to wet skin all over your body and thoroughly rinse off. For a more intense treatment, apply to dry skin and leave for two minutes before rinsing off. 

AMELIORATE Transforming Clarity Body Spray: The ultimate rescue formula for blemish-prone bodies, this 360⁰ fast-drying spray helps limit future breakouts on problem areas like the back and chest while also revealing skin that appears fresher, clearer, and smoothed of past imperfections.​ Based on a 6-week independent consumer trial tested on 111 people with blemishes, oily skin, and dilated pores, 95% agreed their blemishes appeared improved. Shake before use and mist evenly over the body twice a day avoiding the face. Massage in and allow to dry. 

AMELIORATE Clarifying Facial Cleanser: In a shift away from more traditional anti-blemish products that have a reputation for being harsh and stripping the skin, this natural creamy foam cleanser gently eliminates excess oils, dirt, and congestion to leave the complexion looking clear and feeling comforted. ​ Based on a 2-week independent consumer trial, tested on 112 people with blemishes, oily skin, and dilated pores, 95% agreed that their skin looked clearer and effectively cleansed impurities. Apply 1-2 pumps and gently massage onto dry or damp skin. Rinse with warm water. 

AMELIORATE Balancing Facial Moisturiser: This multi-tasking daily moisturiser goes above and beyond to neutralise redness and support a clearer complexion for blemish-prone skin. Enriched with a bio-sourced oil-absorbing starch-based powder, this lightweight hydrator blurs, mattifies and balances the skin’s delicate oil levels. Meanwhile, subtle colour-corrective pigment calms the complexion giving the appearance of instant redness relief, revealing an even skin tone, whilst also providing an immediate soothing sensation for hot, angry skin so it feels calmed and collected.​ A striking 98% agreed that their skin appeared instantly relieved from redness based on a 6-week independent consumer trial tested on 120 people with blemishes, oily skin, and dilated pores. Apply to the face and neck every morning after cleansing. 

AMELIORATE Transforming Clarity Serum: This high-performance Transforming Facial Concentrate has the lightweight breathability of a serum and the power of an intensive clarifying concentrate to relieve the feeling of discomfort and reduce the appearance of persistent discolouration marks and imperfections so skin is left feeling hydrated, soothed and looking brighter and more even.  95% agreed that the appearance of imperfections and discolouration was reduced and their skin tone looked more even based on a 6-week independent consumer trial tested on 120 people with blemishes, oily skin, and dilated pores. In the morning or evening, apply 1 pump daily to a cleansed face. Replace the dust cap after use. 

AMELIORATE Overnight Clearing Therapy: This fast-acting lightweight & creamy paste acts to tackle the formation and appearance of blemishes. It is an intensive targeted formula designed with our highly concentrated LaB6 Skin Clearing Complex and powerful active ingredients carefully selected to help refine and decongest the appearance of pores. Designed as a super intense active skin rescue therapy, worn overnight while our skin’s natural repair cycle is at its most effective, it works to comfort and relieve emerging blemishes to maintain a smooth even complexion. ​In the evening, apply to a cleansed face a layer directly onto spots with clean fingers, let dry and leave on overnight, cleanse in the morning. 

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