4 Secrets To Help You Become A Skincare Minimalist

Skincare minimalist

Have you ever just craved a simpler life? Less fuss, less things, less to worry about? Sometimes, less can most definitely be more. When it comes to your everyday facial routine, it can be incredibly tempting to throw yourself into 10-step regime, but does your skin like this maximalist approach?

Despite your keen efforts, you may be over complicating things when it comes to your facial skincare. In essence, a minimalist method may be just what the skin doctor ordered. Read on to discover how to become a skincare minimalist and ways to help you streamline your skincare and adopt a lighter weight regime that packs just as much punch – plus, you’ll finally have more room in your bathroom cabinet… 

Minimalist skincare

Secret 1: Have A Skincare Spring Clean

If you’re a skincare junkie, hoarding products is nothing new to you. However, if you really want to develop a minimalist skincare routine, you quite simply need to lighten the load. Schedule in some time during your week to well and truly de-clutter your stash of skincare. Beware: this requires a ruthless approach. Take the same formula as a wardrobe clear-out and apply a ‘have you used it in the past few weeks?’ mindset. If the answer is no, lead it to the recycling bin or if there’s a lot of the product left, you can always re-pot it and give it a new home via friends and family. The first step to being a skincare minimalist is to start with a blank canvas, so have a real think as to what your key essential products are and let go of the menial products that are just getting in the way.  

Secret 2: Don’t Cheat On Your Routine

We won’t lie, going cold turkey on 70% of your skincare isn’t going to be easy and you’re going to get withdrawal symptoms. Being a skincare minimalist requires steely focus with no diversions allowed. Set up a minimal skincare routine that works for you and stick to it; do not cheat on your new regime. No throwing in another acid haphazardly just because you feel like it. Remember: failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Here’s how we’d plan out our new skincare minimalist routine using the AMELIORATE Face Range: 

Super minimalist beauty routine

Secret 3: Be More Skin-Mindful

We are all juggling so much that it can be difficult to fully tap into how our skin looks and feels on a regular basis. Having the brain capacity to do this at the end of the day may feel like a stretch, but if it becomes a habit, you’ll majorly benefit from it. Take a few moments in the morning as you get ready to notice anything out of the ordinary about your skin – does your complexion look dull? Any dry patches? Have you broken out? Does it look more red than usual? Knowing more about the state of your skin can help you to adapt the minimalist skincare routine you already have in place rather than adding another product on top of your current regime. 

Skincare minimalist

Secret 4: Believe In The Power Of Your Products 

Just like we do, your skin needs a breather from time to time, too. As we all become savvier about the skincare industry due to the rise of skin gurus like Caroline Hirons and Nadine Baggot, it’s easy to feel like you’re experiencing FOMO if you don’t add yet another step into your routine after hearing about a new trending ingredient that’s deemed to work wonders. Trust in the skincare regimen you have in place and let the ingredients do the talking. Layering acids can be harmful and may cause your skin to react aggressively, especially if you have a sensitive skin type. AMELIORATE’s LaH6 Skin Hydration Complex, found in the Facial Skincare Range, uses actives at optimum levels to ensure that it is effective but also gentle so the products can be used consistently with incredible results.  

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