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Dermatologist approved skincare solutions for very dry, dehydrated skin.


AMELIORATE means 'to make something better'.
We believe in the power of chemical exfoliation and deep hydration to help transform your skin. Our skincare scientists have incomparable experience and knowledge in all skin concerns, most significantly Keratosis Pilaris. All of our ranges are designed to help transform dry, bumpy, sensitive skin and have been independently tested on people to ensure incredibly high efficacy. We are on a mission to help you achieve the ultimate in skin confidence.
Our 3 Step Body Skincare System is designed so each step enhances the next: Exfoliate + Cleanse + Transform
Shop Our Steps
Shop Our Steps

AMELIORATE Transforming Body Lotion 200ml

4.81 Stars 111 Reviews

AMELIORATE Nourishing Body Wash 200ml

4.77 Stars 22 Reviews

AMELIORATE Exfoliating Body Mitt

4.45 Stars 11 Reviews

AMELIORATE Transforming Body Cream 225ml

4.7 Stars 10 Reviews